A Beautiful Little Painting Titled ‘Heat Source’

Heat Source

Heat Source - An original painting by Mark Gisbourne

Heat Source is a small painting with a big heart. If you have the tiniest space available on your walls and you want to inject a little warmth into your abode then this stunning little oil painting may be what your art collection needs.

The story of Heat Source dates back a few years. To 2013 as a matter of fact. Back then, my practice had already downsized after moving out of my Stratford-upon-Avon studio. My work space was now a disused garage and in the move I had managed to gather together as many supports as possible, no matter how small. As it happens, I had already worked on canvas much smaller than this. Postage stamp size even. But at the time this was the smallest. It had also been covered in sand and thick adhesive so had a glorious texture with it. As with many of my works, I had pondered a course of action and there were several ideas attempted but none of them sang to me so to speak. But as with many of what I consider to be my abstract thought process, I applied paint to board once more, and what emerged was a beautil glow, radiating heat, and what would appear to be an earthlike or indeed, planetlike source of heat, to me at least. So I grabbed the inspiration and went along with it. Who was I to disobey my decisive creative authority?

Describing the work I will first say it measures approximately 19 x 15 cm, or 7.5 x 6.5 inches. At the very top of the piece, our source for life, water, depicted as two blue profiled reservoirs whilst below, the crust is still belting out heat of some sort. The only question: Is it planet Earth? or is it some other celestial body?

Heat Source is currently available for £275, shipping included. Click here if you would like to own this delightful little gem.