Beautiful Naivety – A Random Sunday Portrait Of A Pensive Blonde Woman

Pensive Blonde Woman

Pensive Blonde Woman - An Original Oilstick Painting by Mark GisbourneWhen the day is looking to offer little or no creative inspiration, it’s time to dig a little deeper.

This is a portrait of a young woman. It’s actually a woman I know. A good friend in all honesty; a friend that has inspired me for many years. She was once my muse; someone who would “get” my vision. Someone who would understand what I was trying to say, but as life moved forward and situations changed, those arrangements and meetings were no longer possible and I was left with a creative void and I’ve never really found a replacement. It’s not that she wasn’t around. She just wasn’t available to discuss and challenge my ideas like she had done before.

Well, that is until recently.

A recent revisit of the banter has caused a shift in creative gear. Say from second to third. We’re not talking about bases here. It’s not like that. But its fair to say my practice has been, shall we say, revitalised to new levels of freshness. At least in the way it is organised which for me is absolutely vital.

Which brings me to the painting in this post. More accurately, it is a painting made with oil sticks. Pensive Blonde Woman was made using unmixed base colours of blue, yellow, green, red and orange. The oil sticks in question have been in my arsenal of art materials for a number of years. I have used them very occasionally. I do like like them I suppose. You could almost say they are made with me in mind given that my ideas are both sporadic and instant.

The painting is presented on 6mm thick MDF, and measures my familiar 21.0 x 29.7 cm; 8.27 x 11.69 inches (or A4). It is available for you to own. Feel free to contact me here to discuss a price.


(Domestic Bliss) A New Series Of Paintings

Supper at Emma’s (after Caravaggio)

Supper at Emma's (after Caravaggio) - An Original Oil Painting by Mark Gisbourne

Painted from a photograph, with a bespoke alteration to the calendar at the right of the work, Supper at Emma’s (after Caravaggio) depicts a black cat (Guinness) munching on the carcass of a leftover Christmas turkey. The painting pays homage to the title of a Caravaggio painting, Supper at Emmaus, the image of which can bee seen on the discarded Caravaggio calendar stashed behind the waste bin.


Fake Mask

Fake Mask - An Original Oil Painting by Mark Gisbourne

Fake Mask depicts a couple arriving at a family function, one of which is wearing a rubber Donald Trump mask, a fake Donald Trump mask to boot. The woman’s embarrassment is plain to see. The world feels her pain.



Pandamonium - An Original Panda Bear Oil Painting by Mark Gisbourne

Pandamonium is the painting of a vintage panda bear, a family heirloom perhaps, and one that has clearly been through the wars. Despite this, Pandamonium is a survivor and will live to fight another day.

Pandamonium is available to buy from my online shop here.

Selected Limited Edition Prints Available To Buy

My online shop is now stocking signed prints in editions of 73 + 5 artist proofs. Included in the range are all latest works from 2017 plus selected back catalogue works from as early as 2003.

You can view and buy the limited edition prints from my shop here.

A painting at the 2017 ING Discerning Eye Exhibition (Update)

Grey Clouds, Sunshine, Carnaby

Grey Clouds, Sunshine, Carnaby - An Original Oil and Acrylic Painting by Mark GisbourneIt is with the greatest pleasure to announce that I will be exhibiting a painting at this year’s ING Discerning Eye Exhibition at The Mall Galleries, London. The work is called ‘Grey Clouds, Sunshine, Carnaby’ and is painted in oil and acrylic on board. It is inspired by my many trips to the capital and my time spent in and around Soho. I was fascinated by the composition of the passing rain clouds, the sun shining on the buildings and the eye popping sign in the foreground.

If you’re in London this autumn, pop by and have a look round this prestigious annual show.

The exhibition runs from November 16-26. Admission is free and all works are for sale.

If you can’t make the exhibition, please visit the ING Discerning Eye 2017 website for information about the availability of my original painting and the limited edition print here.

You can view my work, selected by art critic Simon Tait, at the Discerning Eye Gallery here.