Elsewhere, On The Big Day (The Royal Wedding)

Elsewhere, On The Big Day is a mixed media artwork depicting a random place on earth at the same time of the Royal Wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

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Elsewhere, On The Big Day

Quote of the day: “Trump will be worm food”

As insults go, when Donald Trump called Kim Jong Un a “Little rocket man”, it almost had an endearing ring to it.

Not one to be outdone in the insult humdinger stakes, Iran’s supreme leader,  Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has muscled in on this international game of mud-slinging, and what better way to ‘trump’ (see what I did there) Trump, than to use that well-known dictionary of cliché gangland terminology.

Trump will be worm food

Anyway, I had to smile. And from that smile came an artwork I have simply titled, Worm Food

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Spring Has Sprung

Which spring do you consider the real spring?

Astronomical or Meteorological?

March 1st is the logical choice for me. The clue is in the word. Not to mention it’s tidier than March 21st or such like.

Twelve months, four seasons. Twelve divided by four equals three. Three months per season. March, April, May is spring.


Spring Has Sprung