We’ve got ourselves a heatwave; Watercolour Painting

Yes, it’s that time of year again. Summertime. It’s a season when, funnily enough, our weather improves markedly on the previous three seasons; autumn, winter and spring. So it should come as no surprise that, on occasion, a prolonged period of warm weather is always possible. This, despite the cliche that it always rains in […]

She’s Had Her Kicks (FIFA World Cup: Russia 2018); Gouache Painting

Day 16,511 It’s that time again. Yes it really has been four years since Brazil 2014…Welcome to the the FIFA World Cup 2018 where Russia plays host. I wasn’t going to make a painting for this tournament but then I remembered a popular little James Bond film titled From Russia With Love. There was only […]

Kim-Trump Summit, Trump-Kim Summit; An Original Painting

This is an artwork depicting a fictional mountain range aptly named the Trump-Kim Summit. The work is titled Somewhere, The Trump-Kim Summit and is an acrylic and pencil drawing on card. Meanwhile, you can read more about an historic meeting  that took place in Singapore today between US President Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un […]

Singapore; An Ink Drawing

Day 16,508 Singapore hosts a summit between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un in what could be an historic move towards peace on the Korean peninsula. Don’t be fooled into thinking this is the beginning of world peace, however. Shit continues in several other warzones around the globe. But hey, better than nothing. Click here […]

Space Ant Fires Laser At Earth; Original Artwork

The best news story of the day is the report of a space ant firing a laser at earth. I kid you not. And we thought we’d destroy ourselves. Turns out those pesky ants will do it before we do. The official report goes that astronomers have detected a laser emission from the Ant Nebula. […]

Quote of the day: “Trump will be worm food”; Satirical Art

As insults go, when Donald Trump called Kim Jong Un a “Little rocket man”, it almost had an endearing ring to it. Not one to be outdone in the insult humdinger stakes, Iran’s supreme leader,  Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has muscled in on this international game of mud-slinging, and what better way to ‘trump’ (see what I […]

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