The Pale Blue Dot

The Pale Blue Dot Date Painting Project

Introducing a unique series of collectable Pale Blue Dot wall art for space enthusiasts; a life-long project created by artist and astronomy fan, Mark Gisbourne, inspired by the Pale Blue Dot photograph taken by NASA’s Voyager 1 space probe. Each collectable painting, one for each day of the artisit’s life since his birth date of March 31st, 1973, is individually hand painted with a glittered pale blue dot emulating our planet Earth and is date stamped with its own unique date.

I am constantly trying to think and rethink ideas. I have always been fascinated by NASA’s Pale Blue Dot photograph. Its simplicity and the fact that I’ve been living on that pale blue dot for the past forty-odd years (or just over 16,000 days) just blew me away…I was looking for a lifelong project that I could constantly work on till the day I die, but also retrospectively recreate since the day I was born. When you look at the Pale Blue Dot photograph it could be any time in history so that’s when I thought about painting a lone pale blue dot sitting in space and next to it, subtly hidden in the darkness, the date in time representing my time here. If I can share that humbling thought with others, that would be fantastic.


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