Winter Sun Messes With My Mind (A Painting)

Winter Sun Messes With My Mind

Winter Sun Messes With My Mind - An Original Abstract Painting by Mark GisbourneIt’s cold.

The light is awful.

Yes. Winter sun messes with my mind … At least for the first few weeks of the autumn (fall) and winter seasons. It’s probably not even the light. The likelyhood is, what’s REALLY messing with my mind is the limited time available to do my work. For the most part, I work outdoors. It’s the most spacious area I have at this present moment in time, and, of course, the light, when available is best outdoors.

The painting, Winter Sun Messes With My Mind, is as fast and as angry an abstract painting I could have produced on this particular day. Overcast and dim. And cold to boot. Winter Sun Messes With My Mind reflects in its strong Vermillion hue that a rage is bubbling overhead and only the brightest of opportunities could lend itself to battling this oppressive menace. There is, however, an underlying joy in what appears to be a joyous man sporting a beard.

This abstract winter sun painting is a artwork upon an abandoned summer artwork; metaphoric perhaps in how colder weather has overpowered with a vengeance.

Thick palette knife work is dominant throughout. The brush was used sparingly but with forced energy. It is a piece that both exhausted yet pleased at the same time. It’s amazing how painful in production some artworks can be. I can tell you that without fear or doubt but whether you feel it or not is entirely down to you.

The support is 6mm thick found MDF, cut to my customary 21.0 x 29.7 cm or 8.27 x 11.69 inches (or A4) and is currently unframed. If you are interested in owning this special piece of work celebrating the transitional period between, mild and cool or light and dark, the artwork is currently available for you to own. Please contact me here for details. Thank you for your interest.

Check out the Seasonal Affective Disorder Association for information on this condition.

New Artwork Inspired by the Movie Brief Encounter

Brief Encounter, Part 1

Brief Encounter, Part 1 - An Original Abstract Painting by Mark GisbourneThis is my second encounter (excuse the pun) with this series of abstract paintings. They are intense compositions painted within a restricted time frame. The earlier works, three in total, were twice the size of the artworks I have made with my new practice. Nevertheless, they are just as mentally exhausting, if not more so.


Red River Abstract Painting

Red River - An Original Abstract Oil Painting by Mark GisbourneRed River is an sold abstract painting inspired by the Red River that runs through China and Vietnam.

The Red River (simplified Chinese红河traditional Chinese紅河pinyinHóng HéVietnameseSông Hồng), also known as the Hồng Hà and Sông Cái (lit. “Mother River”) in Vietnamese[citation needed] and the Yuan River (元江Yuán Jiāng) in Chinese, is a river that flows from Yunnan in Southwest China through northern Vietnam to the Gulf of Tonkin. According to C. Michael Hogan, the associated Red River Fault was instrumental in forming the entire South China Sea at least as early as 37 million years before present.

The Red River begins in China‘s Yunnan province in the mountains south of Dali. It flows generally southeastward, passing through Dai ethnic minority areas before leaving China through Yunnan’s Honghe Autonomous Prefecture. It enters Vietnam at Lào Cai Province. It forms a portion of the international border between China and Vietnam. The river, known as Thao River for this upper stretch, continues its southeasterly course through northwestern Vietnam before emerging from the mountains to reach the midlands.[citation needed] Its main tributaries, the Black River (Da River) and Lô River join in to form the very broad Hồng near Việt Trì, Phu Tho Province. Downstream from Việt Trì, the river and its many distributaries spread out to form the Red River Delta. The Red River flows past the Vietnamese capital Hanoi before emptying into the Gulf of Tonkin.[citation needed]

The reddish-brown heavily silt-laden water gives the river its name. The red river has a reddish-brown tint to the river because of the silt. The Red River is notorious for its violent floods with its seasonally wide volume fluctuations. The delta is a major agricultural area of Vietnam with vast area devoted to rice. The land is protected by an elaborate network of dikes and levees.[citation needed]

The Black River and Lô River are the Red River’s two chief tributaries.