An evening sunset painting

Somewhere, An Evening Sun (Full)
Somewhere, An Evening Sun, 2018. Oil on board. 29.7 x 21cm

Somewhere in the world, the sun is setting. This painting is a depiction of that most beautiful of occurrences.

This original sunset oil painting is titled Somewhere, The Evening Sun.

It is painted in oils on a lightly textured board.

You can own Somewhere, The Evening Sun here.

Vintage Bear Lovers (A Painting Just For You)

Panda Bear v Panda Bear - Mark Gisbourne Art

Pandamonium, as I call him, is a vintage panda bear. He is as old as time itself; my time that is, and he was my first best friend.

He was given to me as a present the day after I was born, April 1st 1973, which makes him an April Fools present, that is unless it was given to me after midday. One wonders, and truthfully, one will never know. During my childhood, Pandamonium was by my side through thick and thin. Every birthday, every Christmas. Every snow storm, every thunder storm. You name it, Pandamonium witnessed it, and, comforted me during it.

Pandamonium - An Original Panda Bear Painting by Mark Giisbourne

As vintage panda bears go, I’m sure you can imagine, with such a long history between us, the thought of parting company with Pandamonium is unthinkable. No amount of money could begin to persuade me to say goodbye. Having shared so many adventures, monetary value is meaningless in comparison to the value of sentiment. A painting on the other hand. That’s a different matter. That’s me paying homage to my little buddy. Like portraits of historic figures of centuries gone by, forever celebrated in the minds of those who view them. He has earned this highest of creative accolades.

This particular vintage bear painting, Pandamonium, is painted in oil paint on a textured canvas. The canvas measures 21 x 29.7 cm, 8.27 x 11.69 inches, (or A4); my now signature support size for all my furture 2D artworks. It is initialled MG17 in the bottom right hand corner and is signed, titled and dated on the reverse. It will be the only original painting of Pandamonium ever to be painted thus sharing an exclusive rarity with Pandamonium himself.

Pandamonium’s portrait painting could very well be in your own art collection. It is certainly deserving of that exclusive privilege.

If you are interested in owning this original oil painting of Pandamonium, please feel free to contact me for more details or click here to own it now.

For more information on vintage bears, why not visit the Old Teddy Bear Shop here.

A painting at the 2017 ING Discerning Eye Exhibition (Update)

Grey Clouds, Sunshine, Carnaby

Grey Clouds, Sunshine, Carnaby - An Original Oil and Acrylic Painting by Mark GisbourneIt is with the greatest pleasure to announce that I will be exhibiting a painting at this year’s ING Discerning Eye Exhibition at The Mall Galleries, London. The work is called ‘Grey Clouds, Sunshine, Carnaby’ and is painted in oil and acrylic on board. It is inspired by my many trips to the capital and my time spent in and around Soho. I was fascinated by the composition of the passing rain clouds, the sun shining on the buildings and the eye popping sign in the foreground.

If you’re in London this autumn, pop by and have a look round this prestigious annual show.

The exhibition runs from November 16-26. Admission is free and all works are for sale.

If you can’t make the exhibition, please visit the ING Discerning Eye 2017 website for information about the availability of my original painting and the limited edition print here.

You can view my work, selected by art critic Simon Tait, at the Discerning Eye Gallery here.

Homage to Major Oak

Homage to Major Oak is an original oil painting on board.

The painting is inspired by the well-loved veteran oak tree, Major Oak, situated in Sherwood Forest, Nottinghamshire.

For inquiries regarding this painting, please contact Sue Wright at Meander & Mooch.

Homage To Major Oak
Homage To Major Oak, 2016. Oil on board.

Dictator Island

Dictator Island
Dictator Island, 2015. Oil and sand on board. 12 x 8 inches. Private collection

This is a painting I worked on during my ‘sand’ period. Initially, I was creating paintings of outer space, painting the sand black and individually pinpointing stars and planets from grains of sand.

On this occasion, however, the sand didn’t take to the ground as well as previous efforts leaving sporadic patched of sand which immediately brought to mind islands in the Adriatic Sea or similar.

From The Archives: It Could Be Worse – An Original Oil Painting

It Could Be Worse - An Original Oil Painting by Mark Gisbourne

It Could Be Worse depicts a lone orange tent in arctic surroundings.

The size of the oil painting is 21 x 27.9 cm and is painted in oil on a textured MDF board.

Like many of my smaller paintings, the final painting was not necessarily the first intention.

Vogue Composition No.1 – A Collage Painting

Vogue Composition No.1 - An Original Oil Painting by Mark Gisbourne
Vogue Composition No. 1, 2006. Oil on canvas. 76.2 x 76.2 cm

Vogue Composition No.1 is third painting in a series of contemporary artwork that uses Vogue fashion magazine images to create a collage that is then painted onto a canvas.

About Vogue

Vogue is an American fashion and lifestyle magazine made up of many components including fashion, beauty, culture, living, and runway. Vogue began as a weekly newspaper in 1892 in the United States, before becoming a monthly publication years later.

The British Vogue was the first international edition launched in 1916. As of today there are 22 international editions, and the launch the twenty-third edition, Vogue Polska in Polish, has been announced for March 2018.