It’s American Independence Day On The Pale Blue Dot

The Pale Blue Dot: July 4th 2017 It’s Independence Day here on the pale blue dot. Have a fantastic day my American friends. The Pale Blue Dot Paintings for the month of July 2017 are available to buy here.

Brief Encounter Like You’ve Never Seen It Before

This Can’t Last, This Misery Can’t Last is the third painting in a small series of experimental abstract paintings depicting the classic movie, Brief Encounter. It was executed in one sitting during a showing of the film; an attempt at trying to capture one’s immediate emotional response. The last Brief Encounter abstract acrylic painting is available […]

An Original Painting Titled ‘Elbow’

An Original Painting Titled ‘Elbow’ This is an original painting I’ve titled, Elbow. It was more than likely inspired by the band of the same name, probably sparked by their surprise appearance at Glastonbury last weekend. It was also a chance to test out my new black. Black 2.0 to be precise. Developed by artist, […]

Theresa May is well hung…9 6 2017

Here in the UK on the pale blue dot, the general election has delivered a hung parliament, much to the surprise of the woman who called the election in the first place, Theresa May. Congrats if you share this date with one of the most chaotic days in British political history. Happy annivesary. Happy birthday. […]

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