Sky Phenomenon

Sky Phenomenon
Sky Phenomenon, 2018. Watercolour on paper. 29.7 x 21cm

Sky Phenomenon.

They aren’t extra terrestrial. They are more likely natural phenomena.

They may appear unreal. This is because they are rare. Like a rain cloud over a desert for instance.

Don’t be scared when you see one. Embrace it. But more importantly, record it.






German Pinata

German Pinata
German Pinata, 2018. Watercolour and pencil on card. 29.7 x 21cm

Day 16,514

Today Mexico stunned Germany at the Luzhniki Stadium where they beat defending world champions 1-0 in a thrilling end to end game.

It was only fitting that today’s artwork is a reflection of that result.

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She’s Had Her Kicks (FIFA World Cup: Russia 2018)

World Cup - Russia 2018 (She's Had Her Kicks)
World Cup – Russia 2018 (She’s Had Her Kicks), 2018. Gouache, watercolour and household paint on card. 29.7 x 21cm

Day 16,511

It’s that time again. Yes it really has been four years since Brazil 2014…Welcome to the the FIFA World Cup 2018 where Russia plays host.

I wasn’t going to make a painting for this tournament but then I remembered a popular little James Bond film titled From Russia With Love.

There was only one way I was going to go.

She’s Had Her Kicks is an original artwork depicting the iconic shoe spikes of Russian assassin, Rosa Klebb (No.3) played by Lotte Lenya, deflating a vintage football from the 1970s.

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Kim-Trump Summit, Trump-Kim Summit

Somewhere, The Trump-Kim Summit
Somewhere, The Trump-Kim Summit, 2018. Acrylic and pencil on card. 29.7 x 21cm

This is an artwork depicting a fictional mountain range aptly named the Trump-Kim Summit.

The work is titled Somewhere, The Trump-Kim Summit and is an acrylic and pencil drawing on card.

Meanwhile, you can read more about an historic meeting  that took place in Singapore today between US President Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un from the following sources:

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Thank you.


Singapore, 2018. Felt tip and watercolour on card. 29.7 x 21cm

Day 16,508

Singapore hosts a summit between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un in what could be an historic move towards peace on the Korean peninsula.

Don’t be fooled into thinking this is the beginning of world peace, however. Shit continues in several other warzones around the globe.

But hey, better than nothing.

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