Visual Abstractions: Ticker Tape Parades

Ticker Tape Nixon – A New Painting

Ticker Tape Nixon - An Original Oil Painting by Mark Gisbourne

Ticker Tape Nixon is the first in a new series of paintings that explores the visual beauty of a ticker tape parade, notwithstanding the logistical nightmare in clearing up such a celebration. Most footage of ticker tape parades is old film, black and white, and is dominated by white streams and a swarm of fluttering white specs cascading to the ground. The film is usually accompanied by raucous cheering.

I was less fascinated by the reasoning behind the ticker tape parade and so focused on the ticker tape itself. For the most part, that’s all the viewer can see anyway; a real time visual abstraction. It’s reasoning lost in the flicker and flutter.

Ticker Tape Nixon is available to buy direct from my shop here.


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