Space Ant Fires Laser At Earth

Space Ant Fires Laser At Earth

Ant NebulaThe best news story of the day is the report of a space ant firing a laser at earth.

I kid you not.

And we thought we’d destroy ourselves. Turns out those pesky ants will do it before we do.

The official report goes that astronomers have detected a laser emission from the Ant Nebula. A rare one, mind you.

Anyway, this laser emission suggests there is a double star system hidden at its core.

We can thank The European Space Agency’s Herschel space observatory for detecting the laser blast and its subsequent link to the death of a star.

Scientists say, when stars the middleweight size of our sun get to the end of their lives they shrink into dense white dwarfs, ejecting off their outer layers of gas and dust and creating a nebula.

The bad news is that last week, research revealed that our sun would create a planetary nebula when it dies, leaving behind a ghostly ring like that of Abell 39. Thankfully, this will happen in 10 billion years when planet earth will probably no longer resemble its current status.

Anyway, I couldn’t resist a painting.

Space Ant Fires Laser At Earth


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