Stop Killing Each Other


“Stop Killing Each Other” (2017): A Powerful Message Wrapped in Whimsy (A4)

This ink & watercolor print by Mark Gisbourne uses a playful dog illustration to deliver a powerful message for peace. A vibrant conversation starter, perfect for any home.


Stop Killing Each Other (2017) – A Playful Juxtaposition for Peace

This captivating work, titled “Stop Killing Each Other,” offers a compelling blend of whimsy and social commentary. Executed in a vibrant combination of ink print and watercolor on paper, the piece utilizes a familiar visual language to deliver a powerful message.

A Familiar Face with a Universal Message:

The artwork features a cheerful dog illustration, reminiscent of a children’s coloring book page. This seemingly innocent subject matter is playfully disrupted by the repeated inscription “STOP KILLING EACH OTHER” in a vibrant rainbow palette. This bold text, layered over the dog, transforms the lighthearted image into a potent call for peace.

A Conversation Starter for All Ages:

The captivating juxtaposition of a playful image with a serious message creates a thought-provoking piece that resonates with viewers of all ages. “Stop Killing Each Other” is a powerful conversation starter, prompting reflection on themes of conflict resolution and the importance of peace.

Exquisite Technique, Enduring Message:

The artist’s meticulous attention to detail is evident in the vibrant ink print and the delicate washes of watercolor. This masterful use of medium ensures the longevity of the artwork, allowing the powerful message to resonate for years to come.

A Unique Addition to Any Collection:

This captivating and thought-provoking piece is a compelling addition to any collection, particularly for those who appreciate art with a social conscience. “Stop Killing Each Other” would be a captivating focal point in a contemporary living space or a thought-provoking addition to a curated collection.


  • Artist: Mark Gisbourne
  • Title: Stop Killing Each Other (2017)
  • Medium: Ink print and watercolor on paper
  • Dimensions: A4 (21.0 x 29.7 cm)

Please note: This listing is for the unframed artwork only.