Humour Me

Humour Me, 2015
Oil on canvas
40×50 cm
Private collection

Here’s a new keyword story for your portrait titled “Humour Me…” based on the additional details:

Title: Humour Me…


A young woman with dark, windswept hair stares defiantly from the canvas. Her features, rendered in a distorted, Picasso-esque style, challenge viewers to decipher her emotions. Is it amusement or a hint of malice lurking behind those slanted eyes?

The background, a bold, oppressive red, amplifies the sense of unease. It feels like a pulsating heartbeat, a physical manifestation of the woman’s inner turmoil.

The title, “Humour Me…”, hangs heavy in the air, dripping with sarcasm. Is it a taunt directed at the viewer, daring them to see through her facade?

Possible interpretations:

  • The Entertainer: Perhaps the woman is a performer, a jester masking her inner struggles with a forced smile. The red background could represent the stage, the constant performance demanded of her. Does she crave genuine connection, or is she forever trapped in this self-created persona?
  • The Tortured Soul: The distorted features and red background could symbolize the woman’s internal conflict. Is she battling a personal demon, a hidden pain that manifests in her fractured reality? “Humour Me…” becomes a desperate plea for understanding, a cry for help veiled in sarcasm.
  • The Riddle: The portrait itself is an enigma. The Picasso-esque style forces the viewer to question what is real and what is distorted. Is the woman truly amused, or is she playing a mind game? The title becomes a challenge, an invitation to unravel the mystery behind the captivating, yet unsettling, portrait.