A Word To The Wise…

Stop Killing Each Other Stop Killing Each Other is an original watercolour painted on top of a colouring book illustration. The message is simple; far too simple to be heeded in any way, however, such are the seemingly unworkable complexities … Read More

Reworking Old Titles: Mr Grey

Mr Grey is a reworking of an old title of the same name. The original painting depicted a wise black labrador wearing a silvery grey tie. The new version is a more contemporary composition. You can buy the Mr Grey … Read More

Visual Abstractions: Ticker Tape Parades

Ticker Tape Nixon – A New Painting Ticker Tape Nixon is the first in a new series of paintings that explores the visual beauty of a ticker tape parade, notwithstanding the logistical nightmare in clearing up such a celebration. Most … Read More

Atomic Sunset – A Painting

Atomic Sunset Atomic Sunset has nothing to do with North Korea’s threat to strike the island of Guam. For starters, it was painted long before Kim Jong-un started rattling his saber. Yes, it is inspired by the nuclear age but it … Read More

Aston Villa European Cup 1982

Aston Villa European Cup 1982 ‘Oh It Must Be, It Is!’ Brian Moore’s immortal words are proudly displayed on a banner stretching the length of the North Stand at Villa Park. It was the moment Peter Withe timed a perfect … Read More

Exit Stage Left

All the world’s a stage and ‘Life’ is the name of the play. You can buy the original oil painting, ‘Exit’ here.

Headliner – A New Oil Painting

Headliner Headliner is a new oil painting inspired by the Glastonbury music festival. It is a literal rendering of a headline music act on the main Pyramid stage at Glastonbury.  Click here if you would like to buy Headliner.