Bring Your Vision to Life: Commission Art

Do you have a dream artwork in mind? Perhaps a portrait of your beloved pet, a fantastical landscape scene, or a recreation of a cherished memory? I’m here to help you turn that dream into reality!

I offer custom artwork commissions in a variety of mediums, including:

  • Painting (acrylic, oil, watercolor)
  • Drawing (graphite, charcoal, pen and ink)
  • Digital Art


My commission pricing is based on the size and complexity of the artwork. The base price is £1.50 per square inch, with additional charges for complex details or special materials.

40×30 cm / 16×12 infrom £290
50×40 cm / 20×16 infrom £480
50×60 cm / 20×24 infrom £720
60×76 cm / 24×30 infrom £1080
76×91 cm / 30×36 infrom £1620
91×101 cm / 36×40 infrom £2160
121×152 cm / 48×60 infrom £4320

The Commission Process:

  1. Consultation: We’ll discuss your vision in detail, including the subject matter, size, medium, and desired style.
  2. Quotation: Based on our conversation, I’ll provide you with a personalized quote for your commission.
  3. Reference Materials: Feel free to share any reference photos or descriptions that will help me capture your vision accurately.
  4. Progress Updates: I’ll keep you updated on the progress of your artwork and provide opportunities for feedback.
  5. Final Artwork & Delivery: Once you’re happy with the final piece, I’ll securely package and ship it to you.

Ready to Get Started?

If you’re interested in commissioning a piece of artwork, please contact me through the contact form on this website. I’m excited to collaborate with you and bring your vision to life!