Three Paintings. Three Trees

Trees: One of the the longest living species on planet Earth. So here, I pay homage to the humble tree. We watch them change every year. Without manmade time pieces we would know roughly what time of year it is. … Read More

An Original Painting Titled ‘Elbow’

An Original Painting Titled ‘Elbow’ This is an original painting I’ve titled, Elbow. It was more than likely inspired by the band of the same name, probably sparked by their surprise appearance at Glastonbury last weekend. It was also a … Read More

Theresa May is well hung…9 6 2017

Here in the UK on the pale blue dot, the general election has delivered a hung parliament, much to the surprise of the woman who called the election in the first place, Theresa May. Congrats if you share this date … Read More

Happy birthday Betamax…Or you, 7 6 2017

On this day in 1975 on this tiny little pale blue sphere of ours, the one we call home; The one we call Earth; Betamax video was, kind of, born. Happy birthday you helical scan, magnetic taped interlaced video barstewards!


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