Geyser, Iceland


Geyser, Iceland is a simple depiction of Icelandic geysers using minimal muted colours.

The painting was made using acrylic paint and measures 21×29.7 cm on a loose unframed canvas sheet

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Iceland is famous for its geysers, which are essentially hot springs that erupt periodically, shooting a column of water and steam into the air. The word geyser itself comes from the Icelandic word Geysir, which is the name of a specific geyser located in the southwestern part of the country.

Geysir was once the tallest erupting geyser in the world, shooting water up to 170 meters (560 ft) in the air. However, in recent years, it has become less active and now erupts infrequently, with blasts that are only 5 to 10 meters tall.

The most active geyser in Iceland is Strokkur, which is located right next to Geysir. Strokkur erupts every 4-10 minutes, shooting hot water up to 30 meters (100 ft) in the air. Strokkur is a popular tourist destination and is one of the highlights of the Golden Circle, a popular sightseeing route in Iceland.

There are many other geysers in Iceland, some of which are much smaller than Geysir and Strokkur. However, they all add to the geothermal landscape of Iceland, which is a reminder of the volcanic forces that have shaped the country.