The Elephant Leaves the Room

The Elephant Leaves The Room, 2023

Is the Elephant Really Leaving the Room?

This isn’t your typical elephant in the room situation. Here, the elephant is the one making the exit. But is it really leaving, or is it just rearranging itself?

The elephant, a symbol of big, obvious problems we often ignore, is clearly on the move. It’s halfway out the doorway, casting a long shadow in the brightly lit room. But where’s it going? The lush green landscape outside is inviting, a welcome change from the sterile room.

Is this a sign of progress? Are we finally confronting the issues we’ve been sweeping under the rug? Or is the elephant just stepping outside for a breath of fresh air, before lumbering back in?

The beauty of this image is its ambiguity. It allows us to ponder our own relationship with uncomfortable truths. Do we avoid them entirely, pretending the room is empty? Do we acknowledge them but keep them contained? Or do we bravely face them head-on, venturing out into the unknown to find solutions?

Here are some questions to consider:

  • What are the “elephants” in your life?
  • Are you avoiding them or addressing them?
  • If you were the elephant, where would you be going?

Taking the First Step

Maybe the answer isn’t as binary as all or nothing. Maybe “The Elephant Leaves the Room” isn’t about complete resolution, but about taking that initial step forward. Even a small acknowledgement, a peek out the door, can be the start of positive change.