Chasing Amy: A Title Unveiled

Chasing Amy, 2017
Oil on paper
21×29.7 cm

Ah, titles. Those enigmatic companions to our artwork, sometimes reflecting the piece perfectly, other times leaving us with a delightful sense of mystery. Today, I want to delve into the title of one of my recent oil paintings on paper: “Chasing Amy.”

Now, for film buffs out there, this title might conjure images of the cult classic “Chasing Amy” by Kevin Smith. But fear not, cinephiles, this painting has nothing to do with comics, broken hearts, or Jay and Silent Bob.

So, what exactly is being chased in “Chasing Amy”? The truth is, it’s entirely up for grabs. The beauty of an open-ended title lies in its ability to spark conversation, to invite viewers on a personal journey through the artwork.

Here are a few interpretations that danced in my head while creating the piece:

  • Movement: Perhaps the title refers to the sense of movement captured in the painting. Is there a figure in pursuit? A fleeting moment being captured on paper?
  • Light and Shadow: Maybe it’s the interplay of light and shadow, the constant chase between illumination and obscurity within the piece.
  • The Elusive Muse: Could “Amy” represent the elusive muse, the inspiration that artists forever chase and capture in fleeting moments?
  • Something Entirely Different: Or maybe “Amy” is a personal reference, a secret whispered on the paper, a meaning known only to me.

But what truly excites me is the opportunity for you, the viewer, to chase your own “Amy” within the painting. What do you see? What story does the title evoke for you?