Wandering; An Abstract Watercolour Painting

Wandering is an original abstract watercolour painting on paper. The painting is a reflection on the human trait of wandering. Three figures are at the centre of the painting, but where are they wandering to? Are they wandering into danger or are they in fact wandering to their destiny? You can buy the original painting […]

FFS; An Original Watercolour Painting

FFS (Everyday) is an original watercolour painting on paper. FFS is an acronym for the term “For Fuck’s sake” and is used on an everyday basis by a large number of people, and usually for good reason. With a lot of incompetence in the world, it is the competent’s “go to” phrase to describe their fellow […]

Sky Phenomenon; A Watercolour Painting

Sky Phenomenon. They aren’t extra terrestrial. They are more likely natural phenomena. They may appear unreal. This is because they are rare. Like a rain cloud over a desert for instance. Don’t be scared when you see one. Embrace it. But more importantly, record it.          

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