An oil painting depicting Brian Fletcher on his Red Rum horse crossing the finishing line as he wins the 1973 Grand National at Aintree

Red Rum Wins The 1973 Grand National

or What Happened The Day I Was Born.

Day 1.

March 31, 1973. 7:15pm to be precise.

I have no idea what I am, where I am, or why I’m here.

It’s bright though. Very bright. And noise. Lots of noise.

Several words were repeatedly mentioned, amongst others.

Congratulations. Boy. Red Rum.

Was this code for ‘terminate’ or something less drastic?

Red Rum Wins The 1973 Grand National - An Original Oil Painting by Mark Gisbourne
Red Rum Wins The 1973 Grand National. Oil on canvas. 11.69 x 8.27 inches.



Own the original painting here.

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